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Who we are and what we are about

Weft + Hide is a new style clothing and accessory brand created by the artist and designer Emma Fineman. Based out of the wonderful city of Oakland, California, our designs function to fuse bright, playful, and painterly imagery, with clean, modern, and minimal silhouettes that fit many body types. It occurred to Fineman when trying on pants that didn't fit one day, that feeling like her body was the problem and not the pants themselves was a ludicrous idea and an all too common occurrence. Our garments are meant to fit many body types and make women feel empowered, comfortable, creative, and all around amazing. Each pattern we use has been hand drawn and painted by Fineman showcasing her love of color, mark, and line. All leather goods feature these unique images and are handmade by Fineman in her studio in Oakland.

It’s about fusing what we hang on our walls as art and what we wear on our bodies as clothing.

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Image by  Sam Hylton

Image by Sam Hylton